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What's your dream?

When somebody asked me "what's your dream?what do you like?",i was a little confused.Does everyone have the dream?how can you find it and how to make it come true?




yes every one have a dream


will i want to meet eminem and take a picture with him in fact i madly want that thing and i still dont know if that was my dream

Yes i have dream. I want to speak in English fluently and efortless

To become a better human and a better Muslim. And for me to do this, I need to be selfless and to devote myself to my God. :-)

Fight for...... I wrote it wrongly .haha

I list my dreams in my notebook,from learning tennis to opening a Chinese restaurant abroad. It reminds me to flight for those I love.

To leave my name for the history to be remembered for century, to be an example for future generations and create something really marvelous to the world, for become it in a better place.
I have a lot of job to do, but I´ll do it.

I have 1oo+ dreams. One of them is to be a fluent English speaker.

Thats why I am here on italki.

Thanks,everyone.Thanks for your answers.Hope all of you can make your dreams come true.

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