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Listening Practice? Lytte praksis? Compréhension entraînement?


Does anyone have some good hints for learning better learning comprehension?


Hvordan forslår du til a praktiserer lytte når det gjelder fremmedspråk?


Comment recommandez vous que je m'entraine pour le bon compréhension d'ecoute?



For learning Norwegian I would recommend "Jul i Skomakergata"


It is an old series, but they speak slowly. The language is not complicated. And there are some repetition. And the dialects spoken are very close to Bokmål (written Norwegian).



...and of course Fleksnes. It is vital to watch a lot of Fleksnes, if you ever want to understand norwegian humour and mentality.


And for the more advanced learners, old movies. The story envolves more solvly in old movies and there is more dialog and they speak more clearly.

One example "Fjols til Fjells":

another one "Millionær for en aften".

og selvfølgelig "Den Spanske Flue":

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