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How important is punctuality in you country/culture. In dienem Kultur, wie wichtig ist Punkualitaet?

I have read that in some Latin American cultures it is not as important as it is here, although I skeptical of this. Specifically, Mexico. Ich habe gelest, dass in Deutschsprachenden Landen man muss sein Punklich (on time, punctual).


Punctuality means not being late.




I have to say that Indonesians are generally not punctual. When meeting friends, Indonesians usually come later 10-20 minutes after the arranged or invited time. However, we can be on time too when it comes to more rigid or serious meeting.


and we usually say that we got stuck in "traffic jam" as an excuse :S

I'm from Mexico too, and I can say we are not very punctual in general. Up to arriving 20 minutes late.


Here in the United States, punctuality is very important:


1. TV shows always start on the dot. If a TV show is scheduled to start at 8 o'clock, then it starts at 8 0'clock -- not 8:15 or 8:22.


2. When you have a doctor's appointment at 10 o'clock, you are expected to be in the office before 10 o'clock.


3. When you are invited to a party that starts at 7 p.m., people, of course, arrive  after 7 p.m. But I have heard that in some countries, people arrive for a party the NEXT DAY!

hmm...I'm American. I've never even been to the UK.

If You hear Somewhere Brazilians are always late...It's probably true.

In Germany it's really quite important to be on time for a meeting or a dinner invitation or any official appointment.

But when it comes to a party or a rock concert you can expect that people come later or the concert doesn't start on time.

When I meet friends I'm usually a bit late, but that's considered to be unpolite.


Als ein Student im Schule, fuer alle die Zwolfe Jahren, war ich oft spaet. In diesem Weg war ich schlecht. Ich errinere sehr wohl, setzenden oft im Kafeteria vor der Start des Tag. (dentention, punishment...ich weiss nicht wie zu sagen auf Deutch). Man muss sein Punktual zum Volkswagen Fabrik!!! (alle 2.4 perzent von die Deutsche Voelkerung die Arbeiten dort. ha ha ha : D)


nach ??? in ??? Volkswagen Fabrik. ???

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