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what's english music can make easy to learn language? such as ,english .



perhaps slow country music songs??? :)

yeah, I agree with Phoenix =).


Livin` on a Jet Plane by John Denver, close your eyes while listenin` to it( just a suggestion only)

Thanks .could u  recommend some ?

The song "10,000 fireflies" is about insomnia. This song has very beautiful American English song lyrics that are sung in a pleasantly sounding voice by Adam Young who is the lead singer of the American band "Owl City". Maybe if you were to hear this very relaxing song, then it would help you fall asleep and bring you pleasant dreams. Some people think I sound exactly like the lead singer of Owl City, Adam Young, when I sing. He comes from a small Minnesota town which is not very far from where I've lived.

Whatever kind of music you decide to listen to, it's better if you google the lyrics, that helps pretty much.

You better install mini lyric, It will show you the lyric each time you play the music and it can't automaticly download the lyric if you don't have any lyric database for the current music. The floating lyric verry helpful I guess..


 Hello Dorothy.


 I have listed some songs for practice in my Notebook entries.

Perhaps some of them can be of help to you.

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