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What do you like the most about


I am relatively new here! I would like hear your answers ;>!



The thing I like most about italki is that I can write in English to practice and have some native speakers (who are kind enough) helped me correct my writings. I can also make friends with people all over the world, share interest in learning languages, and have opportunities to exchange cultures. 

First of all because I can learn new language with conversation with some new people. We talk about several things, so that my english will improve and I can learn about the new culture. And the great bonus is I am having some new friends. :)


I think the best thing about this site is that it does not restrict you too much. It's just a place to cross paths with people who know something about other languages. If it keeps this way, the better for the site and the users.

The most fascinating point concerning italki is you can seek out who is suitable for your learning a language . Moreover, it is totally free .

I don't feel lonely any more in language learning. I can find anyone of the same interest with me (interest in more than one foreign language). Italki is the best virtual lingo club.

I love the concept of this website and the majority of people. 

Everyone i've met on here seems to be very nice and helpfull. I also like the fact that you can meet lots of people on here with different kinds of goals and that we can all help each other out.


The thing I like most from italki is its language community which is quite large. 

You may experience italiki by constant practice here and I believe you will have more feedback to us .


Hopeful anyone can modify my sentences if any incoherence in English

Hello How are you dear,I'm an english teacher from Iraq ,I would like to practice English ,hope we will be friend .Thanks

Is nice to talk people from around the world n.n

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