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five life pity,do u recall something ?

A soothing therapy nurse did a research in the last days of her patient. And the research show us the most five life pity are :

1.I wish I had courageously  to lived a life ture to mysilf not one that others expected of me.

2. I wish I had not spent all my life working.

3.If only I had gained courage to express how I felt.

4. I wish I had remained in touch with my friends.

5. If only I had allowed happinese into my life.



@Bruce  I totally agree with " before I care what someone else "thinks" they must show me that they can actually "think"."  I had an argument with my family a family,a few days ago. Because they used " I think " as a reason to fight against my decision. Before they said " I think" ,can they just search on internet or find others way to figure out the nature.I admit they are much elder than me and must exprienced more than me. But there are still some things they don't knoture. I don't want a " I think" , I need more convincing reasons~! Even if I know what they expect is I be good..... 

  Do I look like a rebellious adolecent child.....hahaha


"Military Acquaintances" is necesary when u are a soldier becuase death can be nearly during the war days. But when u are in a peace time and living a common life, will it be a pity u never get too much close with others?


"If mankind abandons Jesus Christ, they will treat me no better." means if u don't be much good to others, they will do the same,so if they are dead in war, u can get throught it easier,right? 

@Bruce         Thanks~~~~

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