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swedish teacher??????

Hi, I'm Vittoria and I'm italian. I'm searching for someone who has the patience to teach me to speak and write in swedish.. unfortunately I really know nothing about it, so I've to start from the beginning.. I hope to find someone :D



I'm from Sweden but I'm don't know if I could teach you because I wouldn't know where to start or what's the best way etc. But I'll be happy to help you with meaning of words or scentenses and things like that :)

Hej, så roligt att du vill lära dig svenska!


Först måste du lära dig att läsa. Läs Totte-böckerna! Börja först med Totte städar, Totte bakar, Totte badar och Totte bygger, sedan kan jag ge dig några fler tips.


Ha det gott och lycka till!

Hi, i am David and i am willing to teach you swedish anytime when you like and push you to the top with the swedish language skill! :)


my email:

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