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Has anyone taken a Cantonese uni course/lessons in Hong Kong?

I'm thinking of taking a Cantonese course in Hong Kong next year but don't know which is the best to go for. 


I have seen some at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as the University of Hong Kong and some others - has anyone been on any of these courses? If so, were they any good and would you recommend them?


Would love to hear more detail from anyone who has taken any good Cantonese courses in Hong Kong!







I studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and thought it was a good program. They use Yale, but all written materials also include Chinese characters. They have a four week intensive summer program for beginners, as well as regular (three month) term sessions for begineer, intermediate, and advanced. It is definitely worth consideration in my opinion, but you might find it a bit expensive. My only negative comment is that too many people in Hong Kong speak English, so if I were to do it again I would look for a course in China, not Hong Kong. I need to be in a place where I have no choice but to speak Cantonese!

Rob: Thanks for that - just want to find a bit more about the course and the experience really. What was the teaching structure like? Ideally I want to focus on my speaking skills - was there a lot of focus of reading and writing? And how was it being based in Shatin with the other students - was there much stuff to do in your free time (I know it's pretty far out from Central)?

Jing: The focus is very much on conversational Cantonese. Yale is a great way to achieve this, to learn to speak and understand oral Cantonese without having to learn the written language. I think it makes sense to start with a romanzation system first to give you a foundation, and then focus more on written Chinese at a later time at your own pace. If you "follow" me on italki I can send you some more information, or send me your skype/wechat contact information and maybe we can have a chat about it in Cantonese (or English).

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