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what should you do,when you regreted your chose?

if you had done something make your life unhappy, and you very regret your chose, what should you do?



regretting your choice us not a good thing. for one you cant turn back time.all you have to do is find ways on how to make that wrong choice a good choice :)

be optimistic for starters and look into the positive side :)


You should never regret whatever you have done, what choices you have made.  All those things add to the person you are, add to your experience.  If it was a bad choice, you learned from it and to never do it again. 

What is worse is to regret something you didn't do.  Then you will never know what the result could have been.  You will never know what you could have had. 


If I make choices that make me unhappy, I'll try not to repeat those things.

If possible, I'll do my best to solve the problem.


You can't fix the past but you can change yourself or your thinking way to make yourself happy =)

I believe it makes my life better!


Move on. There are lots of great things ahead xD

If it's possible to change something- you must change it.

If it's impossible to change something you must admit it and don't lash yourself all the time for the  bad choice.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."--Helen Keller

I would adjust my step to step forward and learn a lesson from my previous flaw . I believe failure is the mother of success . If you are too scary of your failure , you will learn nothing . Nothing is free .

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