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German music, German podcasts!

Hallo allerseits! Wie geht's?

I'm the one who really fancies learning languages through music! But here's the problem: I do not know many great German musicians except the twos that are Leslie Clio and Daniele Negroni whose songs are mostly in English. I have looked for their German songs but I could not make it. 

So if you could recommend any German musicians, I'd be really grateful. I believe most of you are musical and have great information on this undoubtedly!


And as I titled this discussion 'German podcasts', let me talk about it a bit. I know that I am still a beginner of the language. However I definitely need to be surrounded by the language since I am not learning German in Germany. I assume the best way to do is listen podcasts on the go. Every morning I use the app 'Euronews radio' to listen to German service for 7 or 10 minutes at most although I do not understand but guess what they say. So if there are recommended websites to download German podcasts, please let me know!


I'm in need of your help. Thanks a bunch in advance! ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်။





I can recommend Die Prinzen. They're an a capella group (which is big in Germany). I definetly like their songs Allein Gemacht and Es war nicht alles schlect but its all good to me. Hope you find some muscians! Tschuss!

I do the same. I am using music to get a better feeling for the language.


Some German bands:

+ July

+ Silbermond

+ Herbert Grönemeyer

+ Philipp Poisel

+ Max Herre

+ Tim Bendzko

+ Subway to sally (A little dark:)


Wir sind Helden






...and there are many more ;)

... and i recommend the yabla German podcast... all videos with English subtitles, enjoy!


This might be interesting for you


Silbermond! They are amazing!

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