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Does your country have patron saint and who is it?

A few days ago Georgia celebrated Sant George's Day. Saint George is the patron saint of Georgia. Does your country have patron saint and who is it?




In the UK we have four:

England - St George

Scotland - St Andrew

Wales - St David

N. Ireland - St Patrick

In most parts, even every part, of China, we have Guan Yu, a hero during the 3 Kindoms dynasty, as our patron saint. He is considered the bravest and most loyal man in history.

Thank you very much Mimi. I am happy to hear that you have entire four patron saints. BTW, St. Andrew is the honourable saint here too. They say that after Chist's death his discilples decided to go to other countries to preach Cristianity. On his way to Greece he arrived to Georgia and brought Jesus' ideas in my native country. 

Thanks for sharing name of patron saint of China, DanielYuan. 


St Andrew never visited Scotland, he became our patron saint because apparently his bones were brought here to be buried as people were worried about what would happen to them although i don't think there's much evidence of that.

Thank you very much, Mimi.

St Andrew couldn't be in Scotland, because according to the story, St.Andrew's lot was countries along the Black sea. He was crusified in Greeece. 

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