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Reacting to gossip and rumors

What do you think of gossip and rumors?What will you do?







  There are several methods of dealing with it. 


  "See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil."


  (1) Bcome silent and refuse comment.

  (2)   Listen, but suggest that the preson spreading gossip  focus upon themself.

   (3) Confront gossip or rumors at their source.


   Gossip and rumors take more than one form however.   They can be verbal, from person to person,  or even textual,  taking the form of published communication in public media such as this.


    Regardless of the  occurrance or type, it is important not to  become reactive.

Basically, we cannot prevent undeveloped or unevolved persons from engaging in Gossip.



Hello :)!

Well, to be honest I get a little ferious when I hear the rumor

yet I try to keep calm and say to myself that when someone

talks about me behind my back is because they're jelous of 

the things they're gossiping about. So, I would stay calm and

if it's not true, then it's not true, you can't really change everything around you,

but you can change yourself and your thoughts to make things better.

Only one small positive thoughts can change your day! :)

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