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Your first kiss))

Let me suggest a new topic for discussion. Just interesting, when was your first kiss? How old were you? What was it like? What did you feel at that moment?


It's not a secret that the first kiss is one of the most amazing thing in any person's life. I'd say it can turn over whole your life.




Hi Anastasiya,


What an interesting question!  My first kiss was a peck on the cheek at a dance.  I was 13.  I still remember his name: Bill.  I felt that I had entered a new world!  It wasn't that the boy was so attractive; it's that is was--as you say--my first kiss.


But what I cherish most is my first love at the age of 16.  He was the new boy at school and it was truly love at first sight.  This was the kind of love that makes your heart pound whenever you see him (or her).


I'm 60 years old now. I've been married, divorced, fell in love with another man.  I now have two grown daughers.  But I have never experienced that thrill of the first kiss and the first love ever again.  I think that's the way it's supposed to be.


Thanks, Anastasiya, for giving me a moment to think about some beautiful memories on a rainy Monday morning in Malta--Ilene Springer--American English teacher

Thank you, Ilene Springer, for your reply! I'm really thankful for your amazing memories!
Very pleasantly! I think these are the most beautiful and exciting moments of our life. And these are such thing, which we will always remember. They as if returns us in those happy moments, even if we aren't with those people, who still live in our memories.
My first kiss was in a lips, but it was just my first experience. I, like you, still remember his name is Alexander. I remember I was so embarrassed and terribly worried. As a pupil in the first grade. I was 15. But if talk about my first and true love, it was a few years later. I fell in love with a boy, he was a little older. He was different from my previous boys. Didn't look like others. His name is still on my mind: Evgeniy. And I'd like to share... I had never believed in love with the first sight. Don't know why exactly... And, literally a few months ago I met his... And my world turned over... It happend with me...  It was really amazing...  I had never felt anything like this before...

As I told earlier it's amazing feeling!

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