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Your ( First Love ) is not always your ( Real Love ) . . . But your first love never dies . . .

Your first love is not always your real love . . . But your first love never dies,

I don't know if you agree with that or not,

but you must admit that . . . " Your first love always has a special place in your heart ",

Although your true love can't really compare with your first love, but you will always remember your first love forever . . . Why ?

Why do First love memories will last forever ?

why do you will always smile when you remember your first love ?

maybe . . . because we were young and innocent,

maybe . . . because we were experience this Feelings for The First Time,

maybe . . . it's the first love without a heartbreak before it,

I don't know . . . but we will always remember the person who we fell in love with for the first time,

you can't say that . . . it's still love,

& you can't say that . . . No longer love anymore,


Try to share your beautiful memories & tell us about your first love story,

& why you still have feelings for this person ?

Whatever it's love or not, but it's still feelings,






I will not speak about my first love, I will speak about my last love. Once upon of time, a group of 20  beautiful girls which (or who - I,m not sure) you can find only in Slovakia - this group had attended a course. I had been between these (16,18,24,34-teens and so on), at age of 43 or 44, now I,m not sure. Suddenly a nice young single man, somebody would tell a prince came into room. All girls - inside of themselves - sighned oooohh... "If only I would be his princess!" I not - I had been the sensible. I had been only an observer, the first period of time. After some months - somehow - I found out that he has a special kind of humor, witticism, kindness, plus he was always clean - good looking. - One day he was speaking about something I lifted my eyes to him - and our eyes met - and since that time my innocent life stopped...

You do really like use question marks to write down your sentimental


I guess most first love memories are seldom real . Becuase at young age , people are not mature enough to distinct what it is . People are too young to know what reality is   . I would smile at my first love , but rather , I know that is not real for me . The love now I embrace , harbor is more practical . People are just jars of brain and there is no permanence in the world if you live long enough.


Моя первая любовь не была счастливой,
но это лучшие воспоминания в моей жизни!))этот человек до сих пор дорог мне, его роль в моей жизни очень важна, за многое я ему благодарна.

Если вернуть время назад,я все равно бы с ним познакомилась!Он изменил мою жизнь!)

Сейчас он счастливо женат...=)
удачи ему!)))

I have followed your topics and been deeply impressed by every word. If only I could share my feelings with you...Until now when my friends get marriage, I'm still single and never ever fallen in love. 

When I was studying at school I was in love with a girl studying in parallel class but I dared not confess her. The situations stayed the same until we graduated. She went to university, I needed job so we stopped seeing each other. I felt some kind of relief because I thought if I can't confess her, at least I could forget her, but in spite of my hopeless efforts I couldn't have done so. After about two years I was said that she committed suicide. It was really shock for me. A friend of hers told me that she'd had some problems with her boyfriend and it suppose to have been a cause. The first thought had come in mind was to commit suicide too but I quickly threw it out of my mind. I felt strong sense of guilty. I thought if I'd dared to confess her, it might have not happened. It's been many years since that sorrow happened, but despite this I still blame myself... and I still love.

Sorry if I made someone sad.

I am very sorry Eugene for hearing that . . . Please forgive me,

I think I must stop opening discussions here,

I won't can bear making people feel sad because of my discussions anymore,

Sorry again Eugene . . . very sorry,

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