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What do you think about the recent devastation in the Philippines?


Have you heard about the deadly typhoon in the Philippines? What is your opinion? Do you have any friends or relatives there? Are they okay? Have you ever been to the Philippines?


Actually, I have many Philippino friends and their families appear to be okay. I visited the Philippines several times in Manilla. I really enjoyed it. The Philippino people are very sincere and kind. I want to visit again some of the other islands. I heard Cebu City is beautiful and was receommended to go there.


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Yvonne :)



it's Filipino :)


Thanks Kat, I always wondered about that because I have seen it spelled both ways. Now, you are the first Filipino to correct me. See, that confirms how kind you guys are. They didn't won't to hurt my feelings. :) Again, thanks.     Hope you are well and safe.


Hello Matheus. Yes, it is always good when different countries pitch in to help one another out. I believe each country has its own vast resources, but sometimes it is not used properly. There are other times when countries are not high economic societies and they need not only teaching on business principles and economic development, but just some good, old-fashioned financial help.


(God bless them!)



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