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Do you really believe in happy endings?

I know it sounds a little like a fairy tale, but I mean in real life, I only watched happy endings in movies.




Call me romantic, but what can I say? I still like to believe happy endings exists... I mean, they might not be easy to obtain, but...yeah, why not?

Maybe exist but only few people get their own happy endings, I hope find one someday

Well, I hope you will!

Sorry to sound such a pessimist sort , but life's end is death. I don't think there is a person who thinks that ending can be happy.

Every thing is relative to the observer. It's the matter of how you relate to the circumstance. So, you can get the positive result in every case, You should just have to try. 
I think, even the Death is a good, new, deep phenomenon, that makes sense. And it's not the ending, it's only beginning.
This is how i see it.
Sorry for my poor English. ) 

of course , everything is relative. You can even regard the end of the saddest tragedy out there to be happy. You only need to put the rules right.

I agree on what you said about the new beginning.

Life is a process. Rejoice in daily successes and put the setbacks behind. Sure death is the end but becoming dependent on others isn't easy either. Share happiness and give what you can. Revel in every minute of life. Doors close and the hallway appears dreary. Delight in the dust in the air. Recite a poem or list something. Create memories and go back to those memories. Tell them to someone. 

It has to be a happy ending then you can go home . what is more , there will be aother unknown future . Rejoice current happy time .

I have wrote a fairy tail with a happy ending in my notebook. May be you like that.:)

Happy Endings are relative, define happiness.

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