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Supplementing Pimsleur

I just tried the free Pimsleur lesson on their website and I really liked it. The only issue I have is learning words and not knowing how to spell them.


If I look it up on Google Translate, it won't necessarily be in the correct tense/mood. As a visual learner, I do need the writing and spelling to accompany the Pimsleur, but I'm not sure how to best supplement it. I heard the Penguin Russian books were quite good? Would these show me the vocab that I'm learning in Pimsleur?


Im planning in got use teachers and tutors on here too. 





I* also used Pimsleur...

As also used Pimsleur in my early days in the russian language. I started at the same time with Assimil and Pimsleur. I used to recognised words in Assimil that I heared in Pimsleur.


I think that even if you don't have the word list, Pimsleur is a great method to get to play quickly with the tongue. But you shouldn't use only pimsleur, get yourself a good book such as Teach Yourself or Assimil.


Bonne chance !


You need to learn to read and write in Russian.

Step by step. :)

Do not afraid! It's easy.

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