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Short teaching videos for beginners (Hebrew)


I just remembered this short series of free videos which had helped me at the beginning, I am sharing for anyone who might be interested.  It has basic things like the Aleph-bet, numbers, nouns, foods, etc. pronounced by a native speaker.

(Just scroll down a little if you don't see them right away. )


(There are also many videos on YouTube, from many different people, to learn Hebrew. If you know what you are looking to study in particular you can type it in the search and you might very well find a video on exactly what you are looking for.)




(By the way, while she teaches the Aleph-bet she also teaches hand-written form, which is different from print form, for each letter.) 

this is my skype : chahinjlali .could you teach me hebrew....


Dear Seif Ali, I am just learning Hebrew, so I am sorry but I can't.  

Maybe ask one of the fluent speakers : )

Happy studies to you.

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