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My heart is in my boots.

Have you ever been at such a situation when you had had a real fear? If yes, what kind of situation it was? How have you deal at it? Has it had a consequence till now?  Have you took a lesson from it?



Yes, a lot. 

I am adapted to it though. Through war, I get shot (literaly it down into my chest from the sky) on my chest. Fourtunatly, the bullet hit me with angle so it just injured my skin. I still keep this bullet with me to remember that day :). Another one, I remember that  a bullet pass through my hair. 


Note: Just to make it clear to people who does not live in such a situations. In wars , the sky was filled with all kind of weapons, (bullets, missiles, shells) . Eventually, it fall on the innocent people. 

To answer your questions:

Life just go on , and thanks to Allah , there is no consequence till now. 

My lesson was every thing is written, so there is no reason to worry.

"Every one must respect me!" You have written that in your previous discussion... How would you like to achieve it? How can you force anybody to respect you? Is the respect of others only thing which matters in the life for you? What do you understand under the word "respect"?

eva: I am not sure if you speak to me or not. I feel like you jumb to another discussion. Beside, I never said before "Every one must respect me". For whom you refer exactly?

Ayad.. I was reading your discussion where you had been very angry about behavior of some person, who is constatly bothering or offending you. Right now I can not find this discussion, maybe it is deleted, coz of very emotional contest of it.. In that discussion you have used this sentence "Every one must respect me" what of course has catched my attention. By some coincidence you have reacted on my question.  It is why I have written this sentence immediately. I know that I don,t know to prove  that you have told it - but despite of that thanks a lot for your response. I always claim, we don,t have any good wars and any bad peace. War hurts innocent same as gilty ones. Peace is only good. What could calm down a  grudge between religious muslim,s groups in your country?

Erva: I checked my old discussion, I said " he must respect me" as you saw, I was speaking about one reascist person who tried to spread hate. Fourtunatly, he stopped now. By the way ,My discussion does not deleted. 

About your question : Religion has nothing to do with what happen in Iraq. You can read the history of this country. Of course, history and reality teach us that killer never say I am wrong. Always, he (the killer) tried to find some Excuses to justify his crime. The problems are very complicated, it included economical, historical, geographical, social problems.  I am totally agree with you, Peace is the only good.


Have a good day.

I apologize for a smal imperfection of me. He can love you and despite of that he will not respect you, he can hate you and don,t respect you again because of his personality qualities. This same we can say in opposite.. he loves you and respects you, he hates you but despite of that he has some degree of respect to you. "Must" doesn,t work for people, coz of a free will. "Must" should be oriented towards our "innerness " to ourself.

I appreciate your idea so much but don't you think its better to Treat people the way you'd like to be treated. This is the same for my old discussion, I don't feel of hate for any body including those people who hurt me. Though, I get very angry but I don't insult any believes or countries. I believe of free will but people get it out of its real meaning. The killer or the criminal could use it as execuse. Also, some people use it to hurt the other people verbally or physically . In this case, I think it become another thing , RIGHT?

Ayad... Don,t you think that you in some way dragged these bullets on you? Every man, every woman who experiences some kind of injuries or unjustice- me included - he and she is the first cause of it.  Innocent children suffer coz of evil deeds of their parents. You and your country will be again happy and free if you start to understand and if you stop to use  bullets of words and if you are able to keep peace inside of you - whatever happens or had happened to you! "I get angry" citation of you "He must respect me" and so on... these all sentences are tests from God to you... Have I passed the test of peace today? My reply - my opinion - you didn,t. I,m a very simple person and my intention is not to mentor you ... just I,m practicing English and this my message is ... I love this Earth from bottom of my heart and a reason why the americaners fight in your country is unknown to me. You will tell me that the reason is  crude oil. However, as a lover of Earth and a naive person I will tell you that they are protecting this Earth against fires of oil,s wells. Same it is with nuclear plants.- Protection of life.- Wars are ugly, dirty, unfair. We are born for happiness and beauty in all forms. Every silly woman putting a make-up on her face is doing more for welfare of humanity as - all religious debates which are claiming the superiority of it... Peace.. it is a practise of English... thank you that you have provoked me to write such a long story.

eva: I hate gunes and I never used it. I wish I can dystroy all guns. So according to your idea, we can't punish the criminal because the bad deeds of the victim drive him to commit his crime. Also, I know there is some Prophets get killed , right??. Did the bad deeds of those prophets drove the killer to kill them? . I think I passed the test of peace. Fortunatly, I never feel of hate against any one. Thank you so much its very interesting to make a conversation with you.



Wishing you the best,

Ayad... You know that the prophets are messengers of God, they came in a proper time to a proper place to warn a king (government) about unrighteousness. However, it is not a contest of this debate, or at least it is not my intention to slip into religious debate and to claim my points of views against yours.. What I,m claiming is that you as a person - that you (and therefore your nation) are fully Responsible for what had happened to you!!(and to your nation) Same as I,m fully RESPONSIBLE for what had happened to me (and my nation)and each and every member of italki is RESPONSIBLE for what had happened and will happen to him or her (and his-her nation). Despite of that whether you acknowledge it or not!!! We are masters of our destiny! ---The problems are very complicated, it included economical, historical, geographical, social problems.--- citation from your previous message... I want to remark by this that - " your so called problems - have been  an indirect invitation for foreign troops to opperate in your country!!... got it??!!... It is why I like to practise my written English with you! To explain you that - you are fully responsible for your previous sentences "He must respect me".."I get very angry!"... I don,t want to change you, I don,t want to change the world... I just wanted only to practise my English.. Thanks a lot for having me in this chat... Peace over all!!

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