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Do you read/write Fanfiction?

I discovered Fanfiction only a few months ago and I think it's a wonderful idea; people writing stories about their favorites shows, movies, books and so on and so forth. As an avid TV show watcher (forgive my poor English) I often get dissapointed on how writers deal with a story or plot line that could have been excellent, hence in Fanfiction I find a world with people making of the show what they want it to be.

I love Tv shows, some of them are Hannibal, The blacklist, House, The x files and many more!! And I find in this web site a place for them to live new adventures.

So I ask, is anybody here who reads/writes Fanfiction?



I watched a Star Trek piece of Fan Fiction. It was better than some of the official releases. 

Actually, the only fanfiction I have ever read is this hideously hilarious Harry Potter fanfiction: "My immortal". ( It is soo funny :D.

It's not that I don't like fanfiction, it's just I never think about it. And I always found it was a bit troublesome to sort the good fanfiction and the bad ones. Do you know some good fanfictions I should start reading?

I read a silly amount of fanfiction. If I'm being honest, I read it every day. xD 

I don't write fanfiction so often, though, even though writing is my hobby (I would define myself as a writer.) I drift in and out of fandoms, so I'd feel awful if I started a WIP and then moved over to another fandom. Yeah. I've actually done that. 


I have a friend who writes fanfiction. She writes something related to Korean dramas. I really like the way she writes, the stories were just flowing even though I dont have any idea about Korean movies. I think this kind of hobby can be quite rewarding for the fans themselves as it can turn them out to be a good writer.

A good Fanfiction is this it's really funny! I have to check that Harry potter one. Xarmanla do you remember the name of the fic?

Elise please name some! I too read lots of fanfic and hate when the author simply stops and you are there... hopeless

Thank you all for your responses!

Thanks fort the link, i'll try to read it later (74 chapters! Wow! Must be running for a very long time!!).

There are also fan fiction comics. Do you read them as well or you stick only to written fanfictions?

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