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How to improve my English writing and reading?

I am a senior high school student in China.Next year,I will attend an exam which plays an important role in my future.Thus,I am eager to improve my English.I hope you could give me some advice.




Writing advice: You need to put spaces after punctuation. Like this, see? One space after each punctuation mark.

Next year you will take an exam which will play an important part in your future. Apart from that your English is perfect. I believe English is now less important in the exam. The more you read the better you will get. You can post writing on here and people will help you. Good luck with the Gaokao!


To learn to do anything better, you need to practice. If you want to play tennis better, you need to practice, right? Same with English. Read more, write more. Learn by doing.


You can post your writing attempts here for feedback:

read more and find someone eager to check your writing

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