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Do you think that taking an English course is just enough to be perfect in English?




In truth, nobody is "perfect" in any language -- not even the most well-read or educated or passionately engaged of native speakers. Learning a language is a lifelong commitment; that's why it's best to find ways to enjoy it. Fortunately, there are many. These may include, but are by no means limited to, classes. The internet has opened up a vast treasure house of free resources for language learning.Use it to learn about the world and connect with others while you improve your English language skills. Does that help with your question? :)


I agree with Jan. I've taught students in courses from Beginner to Advanced level, and even at the highest level, there is still so much more you need to learn! Of course, you also need to practice and pay attention. This is your responsibility, not the course's.

certainly if that's gonna be "perfect course" :)

I don't think so.Although an English course is important,we can't turn a blind eye to other aspects,such as reading ,writing and speaking.I think when we learn a language,we are supposed to make use of what we have learnt,and just taking courses isn't enough.

I know that I need to practice a lot and pay more attention and of course this is my responsibility. But don't you think that the course has a bigger responsibility to make me better? I mean that's why I'm taking a course, to get much better in English,right?


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