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I need help with learning Arabic dialects.

I would like to learn most of the dialects of Arabic. I am aware of many things. I know that each country has their own dialects and whatnot. I do not want to learn Bedouin dialects. I want to learn the most widely spoken dialect in each Arabic-speaking country. It is my goal to learn them. If you are available to help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for Tunisian, Algerian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian, Syrian, Jordanian, and Lebanese speakers. Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.


NOTE: If you'd rather say that I'm being unrealistic or you would like to prevent me from learning I'm not interested in your discouragement.




I can help with Egyptian.


I had forgotten to mention Moroccan as well.

Hey Buddy, as Arabians, if we can learn English dialects, you can also learn Arabic dialects. I can help you to learn Egyptian Arabic :)

i can help with with all dialects

Even in one country there are a lot of dialects , for example in Algeria there are about 4 or 5 dialects , some times even for me as an Algerian i can't understand some words from another Algerian . But if you want to learn them sure why not :)

@Rami: I completely agree with you.

@GTO: Yes I mentioned that in my first message. I would only like to learn the most popular, or the most common dialect in Algeria if that's possible. Thanks.

@Seif Ali: Thanks :)

in jordan there are 3 dialects i can help you with them

أنا أريد أن أكتب بالفصحى وأنا أريد أن أتحدث بالعامية

I'd like to help u with Algerian dialecte :)


I can help you with Tunisian dialect.

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