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What's the condition of products "Made in China" in your country?


Hello! Have you ever seen any goods with "made in Russia"?

I have seen these inner soles in a store once ( Here is my translation of the label. I have tried to keep incorrect grammatical forms and misprints from the original text.


High qualily goods, fragrant inner sole.


This inner sole employs the most advanced production of drugs on prescription; it exhibits preventative dermatophphytosis a leg and it sterilises fungus. Special characteristics for dermatophytosis a leg, rottenness of a leg, and so on. Customers must comprehend where is a brand. Our brand is "Liu Xian". Attention: I keep my shoes clean. Every evening you must wash you feet and must change your socks.


Chinese "Liu Xian" company, the factory of an inner sole.

made in Tunisia

Why do you care? This is such a strange topic and I see it over and over on this site and only asked by Chinese speakers. Are you a salesman trying to do market research? Do Chinese citizens actually care that much about products made in their country? I'm really asking you that. Do the citizens of China really care that much about products made in their country so much they continually and repeatedly inundate a discussion board for learning languages with this same question? I find that hard to believe. I, as an American, couldn't care less about what others think about the products made in the USA. I want to find out what movies you love, what books you love, what music you love, and other things about you as a person. 


Maybe Chinese citizens have a such a strong sense of patriotism that they do care what everyone else thinks about products made there. If that's the case, I find it intriguing, new, and a bit strange (to be honest) but I can roll with it. But I just don't think that's the case. If it's a question of marketing research by a seller, vendor, manufacturer, or business person just wanting to do research, take this question of to ebay or amazon where (I feel) it's more appropriate.



Andrey, I like the fact that we still have products marked "сделано в СССР" or "made in USSR". Can't beat that XD

Too many wonders can take place . It is hard to ascertain if it is worh evaluating .

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