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your attitude to smoking...

what's your attitude to smoking? is it "bad" or "not so much" for you? I'd like to "hear" your opinion.
What about me, I won't to hide, I like smoking hookah (nargile, shisha). Especially in good places with my close friends.





  Unhealthy Habit, and furthermore, Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances  on Earth.


Won't argue with you. But someone thinks that it can help him when he gets depressed.


   "But someone thinks that it can help him when he gets depressed."--------Anastasiya


   There are 2 difficulties with that  idea.


(A)   What one THINKS  is not necessarily what corresponds with Reality or Facts.


(B)    HELP is a vague term,  lacking in specificity.


   Example:    One could argue  coherently that 

  Killing people and Stealing their wallets is a Help for someone.


   Spreading slander about people who are innocent  is a Help for someone.


      Placing Poison in  a water system, thereby reducing the population,   is a Help for someone.


   Heroine   can be claimed to Help some persons who rely upon it.

Such persons  usually resort to criminal behavior such as stealing or prostitution to support the habit.

Can these be shown to be a Help to mankind?


    So I do not think the HELP argument  will suffice as reasonable.


 Your question  was an inquiry as to whether smoking is "bad".  

To prove that Smoking is a Help, you might need to adance your ideas so as to show that something that is Carcinogenic, and associated with more than one bodily disease, is rationally regarded as HELP for  those who smoke.


     Your remark as to a Help, did not address the issue of the Addictiveness of Nicotene, which passes the "blood barrier" and goes directly to the brain.



I've been to Turkey 4 time. I've heard this word there, i mean "nargile". Also, my friends from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan usually use this word.

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