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do u beleive in love

did u ever inlove with the person who never meet u in person,,its just in social network?




If one had conversation eperiences with a thousand people on the Internet, there is a probability that about 25 of them would cause one to feel "True Love" and another 25 would cause one to feel deeply intimate. A couple hundred more would feel "very close". The rest might be "acquaintances".





 Yes, and with great frequency.   Feelings of Love  are very normative   in  Internet usage.

It is one of the facts about modern technology that we all have to learn to deal with.


  The feeling of powerful attraction for another person  is quite common.

It serves to show   several things,  some positive, and some negative.


  Positive:    Love is a normative feeling and can become a common occurrance.


  Negative:     There is a common human shortcoming,  and it is termed Projection.

It is   written of in Sigmeund Freud's    listing of Defense Mechanisms.

It is an action by which we Project   upon other people,  attributes and characteristics that may not be a  factual representation of the person.  Persons using the Internet sometimes show tragic actions in which they correspond with others and  feel love.  However,   when this sometimes progresses to an actual meeting in real life,  certain realities   begin to appear which cause the dissolution of the relationship.  The parties may have neglected to discuss real world facts about their lifestyle, such as Previous relationships,  previous marriages,  Gambling Habits,   Use of Alcohol or Drugs,    serious Financial Debts,  Addictions to things like Video Games,  Pornography,   Sports,  and other habits which can adversely affect  a  presonal relationship.



thank u for the wonderful comment sir Bruce



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