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Do you think it is hard to begin a conversation with a stranger?

You know,if there is a stranger who can speak the language you need to improve is a really good thing for you.but i think it is too hard for me take the first step and say hi to a stranger.

I have learn korean for few month.This afternoom ,i have a good chance to talk with some friendly korean,but i were fear to talk with them.What a shame.

Can you give me some advice?



hi! I have the same problem indeed.

I think you can prepare some questions in mind, eg.hi nice to meet you. I'm```May I talk with you? Are you student? Are you interested in sports? etc. Just simple questions to raise their attention and show your kindness.


Preparing questions is a good idea, the most important thing on a conversation is keeping your interest in the other person, so your curiosity is key.

I've recently talked with foreigner first time, It was on an exhibition and I was one of exhibitors))I was confused and forgot all rules and words, but we understood each other))

prepare some questions it is good idea .


We have language to communicate with people, if you're afraid to actually do the verbal communicating part, you'll be lacking a very much needed skill. I know it's hard to take the first step, and communicate with someone, especially if you think that your pronunciation amongst other things are lacking, but if you don't take the important step in talking in your target language, you'll never actually get over that shy stage.


Simply put;

The more you talk, the more confident you'll be.


For me, when I want to talk to someone in my target language, AFTER seeing if it's the right time to because: the person might be in a rush, the person looks like they do not want to talk, or some other reason. After gauging the situation,  I then ask if it's ok that I might talk to him/her.


In your target language, say, "Hello, do you speak ___, I'm trying to learn ___ and would like to practice talking to you." Or some variant of that sentence. 


 If the person says yes, you're good! If no, then at least you tried, and you'll surely find someone else to try asking again. 


But if the person said yes, THAT'S when it's time to start asking questions/beginning a conversation with them. I think it's seriously polite, and would save you a lot of time if you asked first. 


I hope that helped you (and anyone reading this) out a bit. 

Start the discussion by a general topic. People dont like to talk about their opinions to strangers.Talking about the weather is a good exemple. It's the most popular topic of conversation between strangers and its the favorite for taxi drivers to engage a discussion with their clients.

Alouisse: Thanks a lot~your advice is very helpful and detailed~I will take the first step in next time~thank you~

Thank you all guys .I may take the courage to begin my first step.

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