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Interchange English/Spanish through Skype or similar

Hi everyone!! I have an idea!! I´m thinking we could reate a group of people where we can interchange our knowlwdge. Spanish speaker people could teach Spanish and English speaker people could teach English through Skype or similar. Personally I´m interested in improve my English but I can teach Spanish too. In this way we are going to give and to receive a lot of benefit. In order to don´t publish our personal accounts of Skype or similar, we could add as a friend to people who answer to this discussion. Then we can send them a message with the name of our account of Skype or similar. So, What do you think about that? Shall we begin??!!



Ok!! I can help you with Spanish and we can train English too! I´m going to add you as a friend and I going to send you a message with my Skype account. I´m going to spend a lot of ours speaking in English with people because I want to move me to a English speaking country in a few months.

Excuse me for some orthographic errors but I had to write this hastily ;-)

i am interrested on learning spanish and i really want that ...that is my skype: chahinjlali

It's a fantastic idea, it's hard to find people to practice with. I want to improve my English but that doesn't mean I want to speak only with native speakers, after all we can help each other and correct our mistakes. I'll send you guys a message!

i'm agree with you 
because i think that skype is better than this site

Well, the group is growing!! Make a comment in this group and add as a friend their members. Then send us your Skype account by private message! See you soon!!

count me in. I am learning spanish. doris.day23

Hey! Count me in too, I am spanish and I want to improve my english

I´ve added to my Skype account all people who have sent me a message with their Skype name. Today, I´m going to keep conected to Skype for 3 hours from now. See you!!

miss.maykee (:

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