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Do people think in different languages?

I know that people talk in different languages.

But do they think in different languages?



Yes, they do. I think it's a sign that you're becoming fluent in a language when you start thinking in that language. No-one has the energy to constantly translate everything they hear or read into their mother tongue in their head, it's when you no longer need to do this, when you hear or read something in another language and simply understand, without needing to translate, that you can consider yourself proficient in that language.

it will be very nice to know more than one language .

Yes, of course. Sometimes I blurt out a phrase in another language and don't realize it for a moment and people are like "what?".


poeple think in diffrent traditional and costemors,

if you learn a new language you will not think in diffrent way you stay in the same traditionals



This may seem obvious to you who can speak several languages, but trust me... it's not an obvious thing at all to anyone who has grown up in a linguistically isolated area (ie. where only one language is spoken) or to anyone who simply hasn't had competent language teachers at school. And let's not forget that not everyone has had Internet access during these important learning periods of their life. Consider yourself lucky to have grown up in such a culturally-rich environment that you can take these skills for granted...

every one think with his own language


I wonder if any language is involved when people are thinking...  Reflecting on myself, I do not think I am using any language while I am thinking about something in my head.  It may be because I am the person who often takes action before thinking and saying things without thinking (Yes, I know it is a bad habit...).  In fact, what I am doing here is that I am just spitting out what I feel and re-reading and fixing what I wrote.

I think Kara has it right. The brain actually doesn't work in any language at all, it just uses language to communicate.


To explain, if you look at fruit on a tree do you see and think "apple", "branch", "tree" etc, or do you just see and recognise the image and know what it represents? Of course you don't go around linguistically naming everything you can see so while you might switch to interpreting and communicating imagery and emotion in different languages, fluency is in many ways about no longer "thinking".

I can speak english, but I never think in english. Maybe I am still not so good at English

I don't know about others, but I think in Images. 

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