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One City in America

If you could live in one city in America which one would it be and why?


For myself I am moving to Portland, OR which I love, mainly for culinary school, but I would love to end up back down south preferabbly in New Orleans. My reasons are that my great grandfather was Cajun and from Louisanna and that is the direction I want to take my career. I feel that they have some of the thickest culture in the country and some of the best cuisine. I think it would be an awesome experience.



i would choose Seattle, because my favourite rock band started their careere there, and i hope, that i would, one day i will stand on the same stage they did years ago


Thank you for your kind words, Mackenzie, about my home state of Louisiana.  I have been all over the world, but I could not imagine spending my life anywhere else but here, for very much the same reasons you stated.  As for American cities, New Orleans has the most European feel and the rich culture and food make it the only place I feel truly happy.  I have been to some wonderful cities in the US, Charleston, St. Augustine... but it is New Orleans all the way for me!!

Portland, Oregon is a good place. I visit Portland about twice a year. THey have a big park to visit. No taxe state.

My home beautiful city Houston Texas

Well... America is a very big continent, i`d like to live in Santiago de Chile, which is a city South America, it`s a very nice place to live =)  

Living may be I'm not sure but I would love to visit it. Especially NC because my uncle lives there.


not sure but I want to live in Las Vegas, and somewhere near beach in virginia and new jersey

Santiago de Chile +1


For the seafood, delicious and cheap :P :P

New Orleans is an awesome city.  I like Savannah, GA, too. Parts of it remind me of New Orleans.


I loved living just outside Billings, MT.


Doris - If you like beach towns I suggest Wilmington, NC or just about any town along the Outer Banks. The VA and NJ coasts are way too populated for me.  If you move to Wilmington I will come visit you. :D  

if I had to live in some city of USA, I would  have chosen   some tranquil town....

but to be honest I dream to live in New York a little bit, because I read  a lot about it   and I have friends from here. 


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