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Ancient languages

Have you ever thought about the dead languages that are no longer used? Like akkadian and egyptian (hieroglyphs) and the like. Well I happen to have this curiosity , and after a search on the internet I came upon this link : . It contains resources for such languages that seem to us to be dead and buried.

I also found videos of a guy who speaks Phoenician! Really interesting. I recommend checking them out.




As for me, I prefer to know and and listen to the sound of Old English which was said as the languages of Anglo-Saxon tribes migrating from Angeln and Sachsen in Germany circa 600 AC.

I am personally interested in the Phoenician language and the Punic dialect.

I find the semitic languages ... intriguing

Well, I thought about old Egyptian and Latin. But I don't know where to find guides to these things. I may find resources for latin, but old Egyptian?! I don't know where to find resources for it. It's very funny for a person who live in Egypt not to be able to find resources to learn old Egyptian, right?:-D

At least you knew what your language looked like. In my country most people don't know a thing about the old language of Carthage. I know I didn't , till recently. 

There are more resources for Egyptian than there are for Punic.

Anyway , the site I put in the original post contains a section for old Egyptian. I think there might be a number of similarities between it and Arabic.


There is a scene in the movie Tombstone, where two characters talk to each other in Latin.  It renews my desire to actually speak Latin every time I hear that.  Also I wish I knew what Ancient Egyptian heiroglyphic language sounded like when spoken.  It would be cool to speak it.


That is not impossible , you can find on the net videos of people who read Egyptian (might take a bit of search , though)

Very cool website! I find Koine Greek to be an interesting ancient language.



Ahmed, if you're serious about learning Egyptian, resources are quite numerous. Consider purchasing a text, such as James Hoch's Middle Egyptian Grammar and joining a Study Group such as Glyph Study (

This will teach you Middle Egyptian, which is what you almost certainly meant by "Old Egyptian". If you can read German, it is still possible to study Old Egyptian (the archaic form of Middle Egyptian, the classical Ancient Egyptian language) in Elmar Edel's Altägyptische Grammatik.

Old Chinese characters , a dead language was inscripted on the shell of turtle still existing in the Palace Museum in Taipei .

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