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tell me your opinion about socialism and capitalism , please!




Hi I'm Turkish and unfortunately in my country, its goverment direct to capitalist system i don't like capitalism but ı like socialist system because socialism is equality system..

It's an illusion to say that socialism is total equality! It could be equality in theory...
I have a professor and he's doing an article about the way that countries who finally implemented socialism or communism, when they get there, they change the course of ideals.
Talking about communism, in theory, marx is right and his ideas are right too. But, Cuba, for example, just changed the way of government along the years.

It's a long discussion...


Just take some books. There are authors like Karl Marx, Engels, Smith (about capitalism and the exchanges -Political economy), Ricardo, Hegel, etc.

ok but if we look USA, capitalist is not the ideal system, the wealthy people get richer and some minirities are in difficult conditions, The money rules capitalist system 

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