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which Chinese brands do you know?




Hello JRJ


 I don't really know any Chinese brands for any product.


    I cannot say that I have any opinion on  Product by Brand, if it is a Chinese Product.

Chinese products   marketed in the USA,  probably have a  name  that is  not a Chinese Name in Chinese Letters, so I probably buy things made in China with great frequency, but without making note of a specific Chinese Brand.

Thanks for your massege,Bruce.I know you mean "made in China" right? What do you think of them?




   Many products "Made in China"  are adequate for what they  are purchased for.


   Of course,  many products using Semi-Conductors and digital technology are also made in China.


   In America however,   there is one difficulty with "made in China" in certain respects.  Some American tool manufacturers (not all, but some)  are known for the High Quality of their product in Precision Tool Making.


   So whereas I may be contend to buy   many things manufactured in China, there are certain things that I need that I will only buy if they are American Made,   Japanese Made, or German Made, or  Swiss Made.


 In addition  JRJ, in many cases I do not even have a choice, because manufacturing in America is  non-existent  for many products, because  production was shifted from American Sources  to Foreign Sources,  among which China is prominent.


    So for many products,  the quality will be about the same; but that is not  true for all products.

For high quality products I will be very selective about what I buy, and I will carefully observe  the

"Made  in  ___________"  label on the product.


   In fact,  some of the brand names  that I know as  American,  may actually have shifted production  to China, and I just fail to bother  looking for the source, because  I trust the American Brand Name.


   So I cannot condemn products made in China.   I presume that most things for my household are of Chinese manufacture, and I don't worry about it.


  What are your thoughts on the subject?





  Oh,  there is an afterthought however.


I have read stories about Chinese  Factory Workers who are under so much pression in their workplace,

that they are driven to jump off buildings to commit suicide.


   So, when I do buy something made in China,   I do not have some kind of "glowing feeling"  that products  "Made in China" can be  associated  with feelings of warm sentiment.  I care very much about how working men and women are treated all over the world.

LENOVO desktops and laptops.  I am using LENOVO laptop because I believe its quality is same as IBM's quality.  It's relatively cheaper than other brands taking consideration of the same level of specification.


If the brand name is Chinese, I don't trust its quality.


If the brand name is overseas but the product is made in China, I may consider trusting its quality control conducted by overseas brand.


I have heard that, for toys of same brand, the quality of those sent to overseas is totally differently from that of those sent to Hong Kong, because a strict quality control by overseas government is imposed.  I'm not sure about this.


Have you heard that?  Poisonous veggies that were not allowed to be sold in China would have been exported to Hong Kong?  I read this from newspaper.



Thank you so much for sharing your opinions with me,Bruce.

Once mentioned "made in China",most of the people think they are cheap and low quality.Actually,sometimes they are.

Many products export to America and Europe from China are with low cost,general quality and low price. Some products with high quality are not exported.Maybe they have no competitiveness.They cannot compete with the products which are from developed countries.

I am now studing international economy and trade.I Know that Chinese products are now meet challenges.And Chinese workers live a very hard life.They do have too much pressure,because they have to work more than 10 hours every day(maybe,some are more)without furloughs.This has been a big problem.

Hi,Emily Ng. I think Lenovo is a computer brand which we could trust,and the price is reasonable.

 "Made in China" sometimes do let us down,but most of the Chinese products which produced in China are believable. For example,Haier,Hisense, etc

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