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Does English make you nervous?

I am just curious if you feel the same way with me.



yeeesss,,, moreover in spoken,,

sometimes when some word has 10 or 20 meanings.

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly but I think it is an interesting question. Because the language we speak forms our ideas and our way of thinking. Our native language has a great effect on the way we examine our feelings and ideas. My native language is very rich in abstract concepts, but in English it is generally only one word for several situations. So it makes me kind of nervous when I try to explain abstract ideas etc :)

yes, it's hard to express things in English...:(

sometimes, while talking :)

yes so much especialiy when i make conversation with native english speaker.

yes it is........when u get a chance to speak with croud or when u give an interview then we will get will reduce by our fluency in english...that's it..........


yes especially when i don't understand and i have the face of the cow when the train passes oohhh

Determination, native speakers, and confidence are your best friends while learning a foreign language. Don't worry if you make mistakes. For every mistake you make, you'll learn something new. So why not go out of your way to make at least a hundred mistakes a day? Your confidence will increase, and so will your ability to communicate. If you would like more help, please let me know and I will gladly help you!


Yes, if I spend more time living in my only Malay dialect speaking homogenous hometown and stop brushing up on my English, that would make me nervous when coming across with foreign tourists especially native speakers of English asking for information or directions in the street.

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