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can't speak


I have some problem, so I deny that you can help me!

I learn English and German. I can write and read, but I'm afraid of speaking. I undertand the speech and know how to answer, but I cant say it. It's very difficult to divide the language barrier :(



I have some a problem, so I deny hope that you can help me!
I am learning English and German. I can write and read (native English speakers say ["read and write"], but I'm afraid of speaking. I understand the speech and know how to answer, but I can't say it seem to respond. It's very difficult to divide overcome the language barrier :(


I was very nervous before my first Skype session with a native speaker in my adopted language. I almost cancelled! But I got over it and now talk to people all the time. You just need to realize that you will make mistakes and there's no way to avoid it. I've found that people love to help others learn their native language. Have some Skype sessions with native English and German people! 

ask yourself to speak in front of the crowds(your classmates,friends or your family)
talk to some english(german) speaking people face to face,this can make you feel easier and it's also a good way to improve your language.When you are talking ,you would find it interesting.

Hi! I would like to speak english and I should practice everyday. If you wanna talk on skype about speaking English, you can add me on skype, My skype ID: ozkananik

Hi Kate!

Just do it! I found my first russian lessons intimidating and very difficult. I started with teachers that spoke good english, and that helped me with basic things. I also found some friends here at iTalki that I talk to every week on Skype. Just remember that everyone here is just as nervous as you or they used to be nervous. The only way forward is to jump into it. The worst thing that can happen, is that your Skype-partner doesn't understand you. No big deal!


Also, in order to get better, read A LOT!


Good luck :)

Hi kate ,
When u learn use textbooks , right? , if ur answer yes, that normal.
now u must use different method for learn speak english , not for learn writting and read.
this method is : listen and speak .. listen to podcast , radio , audio text , and use skype to practice.
I can send to you some audios . just tell me.

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