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Which one do you like the most in the Friends?

Hey,everyone!These days i am watching the Friends.And i think every person in the play has unique character.Do you watch it?If you did,please tell me which one you like the most and why.If you don't,please recomend some other plays to me.Thanks!



Friends is a name of play ? i had to red it 5-6 times to determine it )

let me know something.The friends is a Tv show?? well i haven't seen it, but if you could send a video of them to me. we would discuss about The friends ;)

If you mean Friends the TV show, I think my favourite would be Rachel! :D She's really funny and I think she evolves over the series. 

Yes,i mean the TV play.hehe,sorry for the misunderstand.

I like Phoebe cause she is kind of crazy, and also Joe cause hes is slow and that makes him cute.

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