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Whether to use Google translator for training?

Tell me please, Google translator correct pronunciation of the Chinese language? (intonation). In the Russian and Ukrainian languages the pronunciation is not always correct intonation ...
Whether to use Google translator for training?



I don't konw,about correct pronunciation,correct just study PinYin,it will help you to say chinese words

hmm .. thank you very much:)

I would not recommend using Google Translator for training, since it's translation isn't always accurate. Google Translator maybe ok for simple sentences. Even though I have never learn Chinese, I would recommend talking with native, or finding audio done by native speakers. Since they will pronouce it correctly, and have correct intonation.

Or You may check the chinese dictionary to confirm your pronunciation . Be caustious that the google translator is not correct at all times . I believe dictionary is the most effective tool to correct your pronunciation . I do it by looking up dictionary to check my pronuncition  .

thanks :)
I'm still a novice and a little embarrassed to talk with real people, because of this seeking an alternative solution :)

As far As I can say from my experience.

Pinyin is OK with one exception. Google's pinyin seems be inccorect if tone for word changes  (there are some rules ,which cause tones to change from one to another).

I usually use to check tone.


I think Goolge will not help a lot





You can use google to check some words, but I advise you don't use google to translate articles, because google's translation isn't accurate sometimes.

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