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Some of Us Sound Weird :D

What dialect do you speak?


Mine is Southern Appalachian :)



Oops. I forgot to add the link...


Americans move a lot, so it's not just about where you live now, but where you were born or where your parents were from that will determine an accent.  I was born in New Jersey raised by Philadelphian parents but grew up in Louisiana.  I do not have a Louisianian accent, however.  Better to take the test to see what your accent is.

I don't have the stereotypical New York City accent. At all. x) 


I thought you were going to post a quiz like this one:

Apparently I have an 88% Boston accent :P


Unfortunately, I don't know what my spoken dialect is. because I can't differentiate between the English dialects. but i guess it's a mixture of them :D
But when I answered the quize posted by Stephanie, the result was Northeastern and this was their comment "This could either mean an r-less NYC or Providence accent or one from Jersey which doesn't sound the same. Just because you got this result doesn't mean you don't pronounce R's.(People in Jersey don't call their state "Joisey" in real life)"


Indonesian English :(


It's interesting, if quiz results in Stephanie's link, do make sense for a non-native speaker ?...

I would think so Valentin if you learned that dialect from a native speaker.

LOL Ayad. Stick with me. I'll have ya talkin' like a hillbilly perty darn quick! ;)

Shill66, that guy is good but he blew it with the Southern accent.  "We ain't tawlkin like 'at down here." ;)


This video is a much better representation of the Southern Appalachian accent.  Also, the story about the guy's grandpa is really cool and you should listen to it, that is if you can manage to suffer through that sweet Southern drawl. :P



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