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Favourite books? I'm looking for books in english, need advices ;)

Hi everyone! I'd like to read in english..good books not too difficult to read ;)

I like Ian McEwan so I tried to read one of his books a couple of years ago but I found it hard so I'm reading him in italian, I also read Jonathan Coe, Doris Lessing but I have doubts about choosing another author to read in english..some advices please?

What are your favourite books/authors?





It would help to know what kind of genre interests you, mystery, horror, drama,.... ?

I personally suggest you go to the "young adult" section and pick a novel that sounds like something that would interest you.  It is much easier to read something you like.  And the language of yound adult books is designed for high school age readers, so it is perfect for learners of the language.  I could recommend authors but maybe it's not your style. 

Thank you Stephanie

She is right , so try to read title of your interest. Here is one page or website also you can be interest:


Hi Estel, 

I know it is difficult to find something to read in a ssecond language!  So I've started a reading club on Good Reads, called The italki English Reading Club.

Here you can find book recommendations, discussions and a monthly read-along.  

Come check it out!

Thanks Jonathan and Diane for your advices and links!

read from penguen readers, they grouped books by levels, choose what level is sutable for u.


By the way, Estel, "advice" is a non-count noun.  It is always singular.  If you want to refer to more than one you would have to say "piece of advice".  But generally we just say "advice".

Every year, the American Library Association (ALA) selects the best young adult fiction of the year. Young adult fiction is good for intermediate-level readers, so this list might be helpful to you. You can google "ala best young adult" to find links to the lists from the past several years. Here's the link for this year:


If those prove too difficult, you might want to check their notable children's book list. Again, here's a link to this year's:


I hope that helps. :)


Dear Estel

I'm not sure what your level is. But it is obviously pretty good! So well done on achieving that.

Ok - here is the advice on reading in a foreign language... [from language expert Professor Stephen Krashen - who supports the natural approach]
- your brain absorbs new language naturally. You can guess new words from clues from the story. This is how you learnt new words as a child. And it is why kids who read a lot make better writers and do better at school.
- if you choose a book that's too hard - you have to check words in a dictionary. This is often slow and boring.
- Usually you need to understand 95% to 98% of the words to guess the new ones right. So find a book you like, choose a page and count the new words.

Reading the book will be easier if…
- you read the story in your own language first
- you watch the movie first
- you talk to someone who has read the story.
- you read a series of books about the same people. The first book is the hardest... after that it gets easier...

Also I recommend getting iTalki classes to talk about the book because your teacher will use simpler language than the book
Good luck




Mezzie and kathburke thank you very much for your advice!


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