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Girls please tell me, what kind of boys you like (character, appearance, style, etc.) Waiting for an answer)



i don;t know ,whatever she is like . i like the soul inside . 


How do you check the soul?

Interesting. I'd like a kind person who like a singing like me. kkkk~

I think the first impression could be probably correct, then the nature of him.

I think the character would be the most important factor in consideration.


Jun Zhu, the host of CCTV, asked an actor, Zhiwen Wang, the same question likes yours as above. His answer was very impressive to me. He said, he hope the girl he lives with who can chat with him anytime.


Compared with the falling in love at first sight, I rather believe in the living feeling (日久生情, Sorry, I don’t know how to translate this word).

It's not a secret that at first many of us usually pay attention on the appearance of that or other person. Sometimes we can imagine, what a way we would use for talking to him, if we had a chance to meet with him.

As Cissi Chen told, it's a first impression.

And after that we listen to our heart and look into the soul that person.

"No one at first sight won't fall in love with your rich inner world"

Thank u for ur answers, and still I'm waiting a lot of, a lot of answers))

Is the money or religion is most important in relationships?

I like smart, interesting, kind, tall, etc.

However, you can list many characteristics of "ideal guy" but it will mean nothing when you'll meet Him. "Love is human feeling of uniqueness of one person to another" - I don't remember the author but it seemed me the most close to truth.

Thank u for ur answers))

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