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spanish slang

Hello, I am trying to learn some spanish slang from spain. I am planning to study abroad for college. I speak spanish fluently but I just need help on some used spanish slang in Spain. Thank you:D



I recomend you to listen to series or radio. Actually I don't know any slang in Spanish, perhaps it's only a different way of pronunciation like eliminate "d" at the end of the words: He estado cansado -> He estao cansao.

Do you know any examples of slang in Spanish?


Youtube often comes up with answers; like this,


Also there is a site that collects slang from all Spanish speaking countries here


Notes in is a great site and offers a number of publications, mostly transcripts of their audio podcasts. They did one on slang (in Spain).




I see that even the BBC can help!


Check out this list of resources about Spanish from Spain


There is a book called "El Español de la calle" written by a Spanish teacher from Spain and its all about their colloquial Spanish. You should also follow her blog:

hi breanna, i recommend to you some spanish tv series ok? you can to see it in internet.

For examplo, there are actually one, on tuesdays in spain:

i hope that i like you :)


if you want. I can teach you Spanish. But which lengauge do you speak?


Hola Breanna. Yo tengo un canal en youtube donde cuelgo vídeos sobre expresiones populares y coloquiales en español. También tengo un blog donde hago actividades con material para nativos, de manera que tendrás infinidad expresiones coloquiales a tu disposición. Muchas de ellas podrás trabajarlas con actividades.


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