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Are our thoughts material?

More and more scientists are coming to the conclusion, that our thoughts are material. Some people don't even think about it. Our thoughts carry a certain information, they posses an energetics. All that we talk about, what we think about gives us those or other emotions. All our emotions have a force. As "destructive", and "constructive"
All depends on how hard we "feel" our emotions, how exactly we try to express their.

What do you think about this?



I believe our thoughts are energy. A substance when we examine it up to the subatomic scale, it is just an energy because of the existence of 'electrons'. So I believe matter or material is the manifestation of energy in a compact form. Then we can answer the question; does energy generate the living form or the biochemical process (substance) generate energy, life or thoughts in the brain for example?

Bruce, I want to apologize to you before I'll start talking.
Tell me please, if you have so outstanding knowledge, why do you take part in these discussions? Why don't you do it on other sites? I think, your knowledge might be able to be more appropriate there, than here?
I only offered to discuss new topic, not more. And, you must be more respectful to the opinions of others.
I can't agree with you and, at the same time, won't argue. Each view point worthy of respect and must exist.

Dear Bruce, I've always interested in your opinion, I respect your scientific approach, but I please note, your approach is from the area of "Natural Sciences". And, what's the most interesting, you don't want to believe, that in our world there are not only Natural Sciences, and as well "Humanities science", as psychology. I expressed, in addition to "opinions of scientists", my own. You're on the side of "Natural Sciences", I'm not like you, I'm interested also in "Humanities science".

Our discussion reminds me of one out of our previous debates. When we were trying to figure "how our life is born" and "how we can return human to life after death". Then you couldn't explain me that it's real and exist some evidences, which can confirm that fact.

Ok, if you want, I can give an example, recently I've read some themes of Michael Laitman, are dedicated such a concept like "thought". Not only his works, of course.

This topic is not only my individual opinion. I tried to summarize some knowledge about this theme and express this one here, on this site.

Main purpose is I'd like to know opinions and thoughts of other people about it, and how people relate to such concepts.


With full respect, you're look like a stubborn little boy, who can't calm down.

I don't want to convince you, and more, sway you to my side.

You know, what we, russian, usually say in such situations: "who is more intelligent, he will finish first".

I'll be more intelligent. 

Because I don't see any reason to waste my time and energy on meaningless debates.

Good question. I don't think our thoughts are material, but that is bioelectric phenomena, that is also a kind of energy. The information and emotion are transmitted by the bioelectricity. On the other hand, the bioelectricity is based on the structure of our brain, if there is no that brain structure, there will be no thoughts.

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