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~ Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter ~

Who is living in a 4 seasons country?  :)
Is it fun? I was wondering... because unlike here,in Malaysia that always hot and damp every year.



We have four seasons. But, it's not so good, because one of our seasons is longer, than each of others three. We've a long and cold winter. Sometimes our temperature drops to 30, very rarely to 40 degrees below 0. In the winter our days are shorter. We have the longest day in a year, it's the 22 of june. From june 22 our days gradually become shorter, it continues till december 22. December 22 is the shortest day in a year. Have you ever heard about "polar night" or "polar day"? We have "White Nights" in the summer.  

yes, I agree with Anastasiya. there is the same except ''white nights'' in my country. 

I don't like winter and autumn, because I love heat. but sometimes I think that if I lived in hot country I would have missed winter because sometimes it's really cool. I can go skiing and skating and simply  relish looking at the snow, because it's so beautiful! 

In summer it s very hot , can reach 50 degrees . In autumn its sometimes hot and sometimes cold. In winter it becomes colder , in someplaces it may even snow. Spring is basically like autumn only with greener vegetation.

In short you can find drought , floods and snow depending on the season. The change of weather often causes people to fai ill.


In India we have all these four seasons.

No,I haven't heard neither "polar nigth" nor "polar day"....

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