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Diet- sound familiar?

After the birth of a daughter I scored a lot of extra pounds. Now I'm on a strict diet and it is hard for me. Come to me, guests which I treat the tea and various delicacies but i am does not eat. This is very difficult. Is there among you people that keep the diet? You too are not easily?




eat and after run and run and run, the calories fly away

First, don't eat breakfast.

Second, eat your lunch around 12 till 2 pm then don't eatanything anymore until the next lunch for the next day.


It will be hard at first, but you will see the result and you will keep away from illness.

Just stop consuming tea, coffee, milk, chocolate, lots sugar, soda or alcohol drink.

Drink water, healthier.

Persistent is the success key of anything.

Hard or easy are all in your mind, control that.


Good  Luck!

Or look for leangains diet ( Basically, you will stay 14h fasting with a 10h window to eat, eat 2 or 3 meals a day. For men, 16h fasting.

Believe me, fasting is, in fact, good for health and awesome for burning fat. Good luck!

Hi Katherine. Check this out... It's how I got rid of the "baby fat" after my kids were born.


It really works and you can eat as much as you want of certain foods and you won't feel hungry.  There's no sense in making yourself miserable to lose weight.  It's more of a way to reprogram your metabolism than just a diet and you won't look or feel like you're starving yourself.  Best of luck! :)

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