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Are Chinese not welcomed?

many my  friend are engaged in foreign trade in Shenzhen city,they told me that chinese are low-status in foreigners opinoin,is that ture?




Did they say why they think that?

Unfortunately some people would view certain cultures as lower class, or simply  give them very little credit.


It is unfortunate, and best way to deal with it, is to ignore them. For someone to hurt others on the basis of race, they would have to be in much pain.


If you can't change it - Don't worry about it. It is their problem, it is best not to turn it to be your problem!!  I wouldn't worry about it!!!







Agreed with Ellie, just try to be yourself.


Every nation, every race, has fools bigots racists sexists ageists who label and look down and discriminate on people for skin, race, age, gender, circumstances.  They are always the mental and moral deficients who should be pitied.  No one of good mind or morals looks down on anyone else. 老鬼

I do not think any race can look down on other peoples including Chinese . It is also applicable to chinese . People are likely to have stereotype against some other people , however, I would suggest you not take it seriously . Anyone , any people should be more confident of themself .

I think it depends on what type of foreigner because for the most part, most White Americans like chinese and other asian countries but other minorities might be racist towards chinese people because of jealous reasons.

In my school teacher of Chinese language is a native Chinese. Everybody treat her with respect and friendliness. She is an interesting person and all students like her lessons. So, after meeting her our students' attitude to Chinese in the whole became much better. I think attitude to nation depends on your imrpession of people of this nation you met. If you have never met Chinese, you can't judge about them.

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