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What do you think about plastic Surgery? Is it good or bad?


In theory people say soul beauty is important, but in practice we see the opposite of it.



If you were ugly to frighten someone else , I would support plastic surgeons to do everything they can to improve your appearance  . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder  I believe .


is bad because the life go on and for you is impossible to stop the age,if you see a article of the divas of hollywood repent for the plastic,the results after many operation is Devastating,and then there are photoshop for the beautiful body.

I believe that plastic surgery is a problem if someone gets addicted to it.  Many people aren't happy with their looks before plastic surgery, and afterwards still aren't happy with their looks.  This starts a vicious cycle of trying to improve one's appearance. Many people are never happy; there is always something they want to improve.


I believe that people should try to be grateful for the body they born with.  As long as your body is healthy and functional, then there is no need to change it.  I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty is also skin deep.  Beauty is in fact not on the outside; true beauty lies on the inside.  There will always be someone who finds you beautiful for who you naturally are, but sometimes you may need to wait a while until this person comes into your life.  So, I believe that people should steer away from doing plastic surgery.


I think that the soul beauty affects strongly to person's outlook. A good, kind and sincere person is always beautiful inspite of huge nose, or small eyes etc. And when someone makes plastic surgery on his/her body or on face, they only try to run away from themselves. Everyone should be thankful for body and face he have got from God. Beauty should be natural. 

Maybe your incentive to drive you to take the invasive procedure is important .  Identidy that is a good reason to push you to take the surgery first .

Plastic surgery is a good technology. It make people look good and feel good. But It also have some risks and need to blance from phsicially and socially.

I think plastic surgery is the devil. It can be expensive and there is a chance it may not be a success or lose your life. I can't imagine why you would artificially enhance your features. Appreciate what God gives you. Plastic surgery makes people fake. No one is perfect, I don't think it is worth it.


In my opinion plastic surgery is very risk for your health.

i am total agree with you, people most of the time pey to much attations for outlook and never mind about soul. I have so much examples wrich just proof it again and again. When girls going out - nice mini dress, make-up and hils put them on the top even if ladies saing bullshit. I am also like look nice, but think my beauty is in my extraordinary . i hope so / and my extraordinary in my soul ) plastic Surgery makes all of us similar and rid us opportunety to be rare, loose peronality ....


Does plastic surgery directly hurt me ? NO.

Does plastic surgery hurt people who undergo it ? Very rarely.

I think that plastic surgery is one of those things that should be done with great care

and competence, and it is bad only if it goes bad.

There is no perfection in human things and plastic surgery is no exception.

If somebody suffers without plastic surgery, and he is acting with resposability, why deny him plasti surgery ?

It does less harm than smoking or drinking heavily, I am sure of this.




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