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Do you like to work as a teamwork.

Nowaday, Teamwork is very famous in schools, when people work together as a team work. people can achieve a lot such as They can share their works with another person, They can easily get things done, beside when you work together you can learn communication skill and so on...

People practice teamwork everywhere such as company, school, in on. and you? what do you think about teamwork? when you like teamwork what benefits do you get?

Summary, People should practice working as a team.

I look forward to hearing from you soon :)



Teamwork,,,,Yes, I like working in a team. In my opinion, working in team does have advantages and disadvantages as well. When we work together with other people, it means we share our tasks and duties so we could finish them sooner than if we do it alone. People who have more experience can also teach the ones who has no experience in some particular jobs. However, I do have bad experience in working as a team. Sometimes, some people may not very interested in our project, they are not really into it, and then they don't really want to dedicate theirselves to finish the project well. As the result,  our project may  not be very satisfying 

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