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Do you like Christmas?

Do you like Christmas? For most people it is a special time to enjoy with family , but for others it is a sad moment because they grieve for a lost member or simply they hate it. Which are the special things you do in your country for Christmas?


Here in Spain, we eat Turrones ( a very sweet bar made with almonds, sugar and honey) and we sing Villancicos (Christmas songs)





Christmas is about the only time my entire, huge family gets together, so I love it. We don't give presents anymore, in fact, because several years ago we realized what we really enjoyed was being together, not receiving gifts.


Christmas is also my aunt's birthday. My birthday, my mom's birthday, and my dad's birthday are near Christmas, too, so it's as much a birthday celebration as anything else. When I was young, I used to pretend people put up Christmas lights to celebrate *my* birthday. I knew better, of course, but it was fun to pretend.


To this day, no matter what I do to celebrate my birthday, on the way home at night my friends and I drive or walk through the rich neighborhoods of our town to look at the beautiful lights. We don't get snow here, but the Christmas lights make me feel like I'm in a magical winter wonderland anyway. Maybe it's childish at 35, but I'm still excited to see the lights every year. :)

My own business is a fashion online In Chrismas season every year, I have bought a lot of noel clothing. Especialy, If the chrismas is coming then It's cold and I really like that atmosphere

People in Russia don't celebrate Christmas, but we always celebrate the New Year. And this is our favorite holiday, I love it most of all. The scent of Christmas tree and mandarins... All family gather together, cook, dance, sing, drink, watch films about the New Year and Christmas, run firecrackers,... I love it!)))

I prefer the New Year. This holiday is one of my favorite. We like to decorate the tree, cook many delicious dishes, meet with fiends and relatives. It is so nice to spend time together. The atmosphere is really amazing!!!

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