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Where would you prefer to live in a city flat or in the country house?

Hi All!

Where would you prefer to live in a city flat or in the country house?

Now we have opportunity to choose a place for living. But all variants have definite advantages and disadvantages. Cities have developed infrastructure. If you work in the city it takes not so much time to get to your office. You have kindergartens, schools, parks, shops, cinemas, all you need for life near your home. But the main problem is pollution of air, water. It becomes more dangerous to live in cities every year especially for our children. In comparison with living in the country, of course it is fresh air, nature, your neighbors are not so close to you. But you spend more time to get to somewhere as sport clubs, fashion shops, theaters e.t.c. And of course there are much less public places for our children like a good kindergarten, school, kids clubs. I think everything depends on your goals and lifestyle. The choice is not definite for me, and what about you?



I prefers to live in country house. with the development of the social economy and the improvement of the people's living standard. country house infrastructure will gradually consummates .also still air sure better than cities.  but almost cities in china are pollutioned heavily. so I would like to live in countryside.

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