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Good sentence

The very things that in the moment dampen our moods can later be sources of intense gratification and delight.

I saw the very good sentence on the ICIBA web. At some moment, i really dampen and not happy,  but just 5-10 minutes, i try my best to rethink and recover on the normal condition.

Everytime i met this problem, i know it's the chance that it can let me find the lack of respect by myself, and also it can give me improvement, i will never make this mistake.

I trust some of people's beginning point is zero, we need practice and work hard, accept defeat and amend it, in the end of is good result, maybe 60-100 score, it's depend on individual effort.


So work hard!



yes i agree with u

I think it's as simple as that: "Don't take life tooooo seriously, neither people and certainly not their words...not even your own or your thoughts and finaly not even yourself..." - facts, if you even dare to call them so, should only be acknowledged in retrospect's like the old saying "history ist written by the victors" or in this case "your life's history will only show the facts that in a way succeeded to linger on...;P"

...finaly all you can do is to strive for your goals as hard as you can. Try to give your best... to prove those wrong IN THE END who try to discourage you...if you give it all you have, that sense of dedication makes you worth one in a million... and proves that YOU'RE the winner the end all we have is time...and you at least didn't wast it on petty thought about your so called insufficiencies, stated by those who might better care more about their own hidden coplexes and insufficiencies then discourage others...

..Take in all that may help you on your way, and shrug those "facts" off as mere gossip ...they shall not hold YOU back;P

thanks, so many new word for me , i check and try my best to know it. I agree your opinion, i can't express very good, but in fact, you said that is also i want to be and need do it all the time.

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